"अकेले हम इतना कम कर सकते हैं; साथ में हम और अधिक कर सकते हैं।"  

We at Savyy Wealth believe that our retail partners are the pillars on which we stand, which is why we are always looking forward to your feedback on how to improve our services and make our partnerships stronger and more profitable for everyone, thus resulting in an evolved Savyy Wealth experience.

What is Business Services?

Business services are referred to as the activities that assist business yet does not deliver a tangible commodity. For instance, Information technology is one such business service that supports various other business services such as shipping, procurement and finance. Most of the businesses today are inclined towards such specialized business services. India is growing extremely competitive and giving a tough competition to other countries when it comes to providing services. A large number of foreign countries prefer India as their hosting partner for business services, sometimes they even prefer to open a branch office.Whether it is to improve your social responsibility, improve your facilities or to decrease your effect on the environment, SWMPL strives to achieve the ideal balance of design, quality and functionality. With our future SWMPL solutions we not only aim to create a smart working environment, but also to enhance productivity and work ethics.


Unchecked Long List :

An Unchecked Long List can assist a company that would like to get in touch with a larger number of possible business partners and in which cases no detailed verification is requested. The addresses are from public sources or commercial databases. SWMPL does not guarantee that the addresses are correct or up-to-date. The availability and quality of addresses differ from country to country.

Checked Long List :

The Checked Long List is suitable for specifically contacting a selected target group. The company will receive a limited number of business contacts in the desired segment. The address (incl. coordinates) will be verified and a specific contact person with personal coordinates will be identified. There will be no personal contacts and clarifications in view of interest for a possible cooperation.

Short-List :

This includes an in-depth research and pre-evaluation of a business partner based on a specific profile and requirements. The results are approx. 3 – 5 potential business partners who fulfill the criteria and have a serious interest in further discussions about potential cooperation.

Verification of a business partner :

This service includes the verification of a contact abroad. We conduct clarifications about whether a company officially exits (trade registry) or consult a credibility report.