"सपने बेहद महत्वपूर्ण होते हैं। आप तब तक ऐसा नहीं कर सकते जब तक आप इसकी कल्पना नहीं करते।"

The vision of providing security in the form of a roof over every Indian’s head by making Housing Finance easily accessible, resonates in Savyy Wealth Employee’s Housing Loan Policy. Company provides housing loans to its employee’s at considerably lower rates than the market, with an aim to easing the process of housing loans by making them affordable and hassle-free, thereby reducing the difficulties an average Indian goes through during fulfilling one of his greatest dreams of owning a house. Savyy Wealth does not restrict the feeling of oneness to its employee’s alone, but extends it to its employee’s families as well! Savyy Wealth. Star Kid’s is one such program where employee’s kids are engaged in an array of initiatives which provide them a platform to exhibit kid’s academic an extra-curricular excellence. Savyy Wealthr rewards and recognises its employee’s academic achievements by giving away rewards through a special felicitation programs, competitions relating extra-curricular talents are also organised.

Email:- hr@savyywealth.com

 Why work at the Savyy Wealth?

We are not a for profit organization whose mission is to help create and sustain the conditions in which business in India can compete and prosper for the benefit of all.We are the premier finance organization for India business on national and international issues.

Benefits of working for the SWMPL :

Once you are here, we will provide you with unparalleled opportunities for development and growth. On top of that, take a look at what else we offer our employees.

“Working at the SWMPL has given me the opportunity to work on issues that I feel passionately about and to see first-hand the impact of public policy on businesses across the India. To be part of an organization that is at the heart of delivering such change makes every day rewarding.”

- Tania Mishra, Senior Relationship Manager


1 . SWMPL does not charge applicants any recruitment fee for gaining employment.

2 . SWMPL does not authorize any third-party (vendor, placement service, recruitment agency etc.) to make any employment offers to applicants,candidates and neither collects any fee, registration, recruitment charges etc. for referring and placing applicants or candidates with them.

3 . If you are approached for a fee, charges or payment by anyone, please bring this to our notice with complete details.