"नए तरीके खोजना, लोगों को बाधित करने के लिए अधिक चतुर तरीके काम नहीं करते हैं। ”  

We provide you with easily accessible home loans for Salaried/Self employed,Plot Purchase/Construction,Home Improvement,Home Extension against Residential/Commercial, Purchase/Construction of Non Residential Property.You can obtain these loans easily and take Home Loan immediately. Savyy Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd. also gives you the option of choosing your monthly instalment amount, so as to not burden your wallet. The loans are provided at a nominal interest rate and follow a very simple process, with minimal documentation.


You can now avail subsidy from the Central Govt. on purchase of your first house under “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna”.

This is a receipt of your application. You may contact our sales executive/Branch within 5 to 6 Days for preliminary

discussion or further completion of documents if deemed necessary.

All charges/fees to be paid through SWMPL Branches/ SWMPL Representatives by A/c payee crossed cheque in favour of

“Savyy Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd.”/ Netbanking.

SWMPL does not charge any amount over and above the charges mentioned above and will not be liable or responsible

for making payment of any amount to unauthorized persons.

Applicable GST or Govt. taxes will be charged extra along with above mentioned charges as applicable.

Unauthorized Individuals/Entities Disclaimer

It has been brought to our notice that certain unscrupulous individuals/ fraudulent entities are issuing fake sanction letters purportedly issued by Savyy Wealth Management Private Limited to individuals/companies. Such individuals/ entities demand cash or fund transfer to any of their individual or other entity bank account(s) for purchase of a new insurance policy or processing the loan application. These unrelated individuals/ entities are fraudulently and illegally misusing Savyy Wealth Management Private Limited’s trademark and/ or corporate name, office address and/ or business and/ or brand names to lure General Public and are both harming our reputation as well as exploiting General Public. By way of this notice, we intend to caution the General Public against such fraudulent elements/entities. The General Public is advised and cautioned not to rely or act on any such fraudulent offers or loan sanctions made in the name of Savyy Wealth Management Private Limited without verifying the authenticity of the letter/contents with our Company. We request you to deal with Savyy Wealth Management Private Limited directly through its existing branch offices only, whose addresses are available on our website: www.savyywealth.com. Please note that application fees and / or processing fees must be paid by Account Payee Cheque or Demand Draft payable to “Savyy Wealth Management Private Limited” only. Please note that any person who deals with such unscrupulous individuals/ fraudulent entities shall be doing it at his own risk and Savyy Wealth Management Private Limited will not be liable or responsible for any kind of losses incurred or damage suffered or any other legal consequences arising therefrom. Customers desirous of availing loans or deposits from Savyy Wealth Management Private Limited may click on ‘I want to Apply’ on the website to apply, or speak to our executives on +91 9051 767676.

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